The Theology of the Body, Extended: to be published summer 2014, Lectio Publishing

Publication announcement!

The Theology of the Body, Extended: the Spiritual Signs of Childbirth, Impairment, and Dying has been accepted by a new Catholic academic publisher, Lectio Publishing.  It is part of the “first wave” of peer-reviewed books for release in Summer 2014, and will be available as a paperback and ebook.  The slightly revised text is in their hands (I’ve been sitting on this news a few weeks now.  Sorry!).

This is definitely exciting: to see this research and then manuscript come to fruition, receive positive peer reviews, and have the confidence of a new and interesting academic enterprise in Catholic theology is just a great thing. I am very humbled.

I deeply thank people who follow this website and are on the email list for their support.  If you want to be on the email list, there is still time, just find the address on the sidebar at right…. I promise not to overuse the email list; it’s just to tell people when the book is available, and perhaps other publication-related news (cheap copies for reviewers? etc.).

In the meantime, I will update this website more regularly with topics and issues related to the topic.  I am writing a review for Jeff Tranzillo’s excellent book John Paul II and the Vulnerable, coming soon, and also want to write some reflections on Pope Francis’ call for an extraordinary synod on the family, which strikes me as relevant to this topic in important ways.  Also, I am working up a variety of more popular public presentations on this topic, if you are interested in having me at your parish or retreat center–and an online article is set to be published next month.  Please continue to “be connected” if you are interested in this topic, and let’s keep conversing!

Many thanks, Susan WD



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