Ep. 8: Sharing the whole story

The podcast gets a tad more academic today as I talk about the important insight in Richard Horsley’s Hearing the Whole Story, an academic analysis of the Gospel of Mark. The Gospel of Mark was created as an oral piece, from start to almost finish.  People would have sat down and heard the whole thing.  How does that make a difference?  It’s more than “more information”–the listener becomes, through listening, a person that Jesus approaches and asks “Who do you say I am?”

I had lots of fun with this podcast and could go on about the Gospel of Mark a long time.  But it’s a short episode.  Go see/hear Max McLean’s version of the Gospel of Mark with your extra time!

Episode 8: Sharing the Whole StoryMark's gospel

McLean’s performance of the Gospel of Mark: available for purchase on DVD here.

Music credit in the podcast: Jason Shaw, Landra’s Dream


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