Book Endorsements and Press Kit for Why You Shouldn’t Kill Yourself

Why You Shouldn’t Kill Yourself by Susan Windley-Daoust is a masterful resource that unmasks five tricks of the heart often used to promote assisted suicide as compassionate care for terminally ill persons. With a deep awareness of the power of secularization to shape moral thinking, attention is given to promoting true comicrophone-in-blue-light-1563920-1280x960mpassion by palliative care that can prevent unnecessary suffering, and promote relationship building, prayer, and renewed appreciation of natural death. This book is a must-read for those giving pastoral care to persons and families facing end-of-life issues.”
—John M. Quinn, Bishop of Winona, Minnesota

“Both sides in the euthanasia debate claim to have love and compassion on their side, with blockbuster tear-jerking movies driving home the notion that to kill is compassionate. This book is the perfect antidote to that onslaught. Just under the surface of the various formulations (‘tricks of the heart’) of the request to be killed lies a deep yearning for love and accompaniment felt by the vulnerable. In a kind-hearted, down
to earth, conversational way, Windley-Daoust brings this yearning to the surface, dissolving the ‘tricks’ and kindling genuine love via clear understanding.”
—Peter J. Colosi, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Salve Regina University


Want to interview? Windley-Daoust_Press kit (1)


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